Sampath Gajawada

  I'm a full-stack developer who always wishes to implement new and challenging elements in my daily life. Currently, my focus is on React and Vue.


4 Stories by Sampath Gajawada

How to debounce and throttle in Vue

debounce calls a function when a user hasn't carried out an event in a specific period amount of time, while throttle calls a function...
1 4 min read

Unit testing Vuex modules with Jest

Explore Vuex and learn about getters, mutations, actions, and state by creating and unit testing a Vuex module with TypeScript and Jest.
0 4 min read

How to escape from memory leaks in JavaScript

Memory leaks are often caused due to flaws in your logic. Avoiding all the possible leaks can significantly improve your application's performance and save...
3 7 min read

React pagination from scratch using Hooks

Improve you app's overall UI and UX by reducing large data displays with a pagination component. Create pagination from scratch using React Hooks.
1 6 min read