Nausheen Sujela

  Nausheen is a software-engineer-and-writer-hybrid who uses her cross-disciplinary experience to craft compelling content about all things technology and marketing.


5 Stories by Nausheen Sujela

SAP Commerce Cloud vs. Shopify: A comparison for store owners

Compare the performances of Shopify and SAP Commerce Cloud in terms of logistics, UX, and analytics to determine the best ecommerce solution for your...
0 4 min read

Next.js Commerce: An overview and tutorial

Next.js Commerce developer starter kit allows you to build fully customizable and scalable e-commerce sites with augmented app integrations.
0 3 min read

Using Codemod to upgrade your React version

Learn how to use Codemod to make refactoring code and React version upgrades painless and enjoy cutting-edge updates without compromises
0 3 min read

How and why to use JavaScript media queries

Learn to create media queries in JavaScript using matchMedia API to enable adaptive, responsive designs using callback functions.
0 3 min read

Introduction to Pipedream

Learn about key Pipedream features, what apps and APIs can be integrated, and how to start building your own workflows.
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