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What is a cache?

In this article, we're going to go through what a cache is, and what kinds of caching is relevant for most frontend developers.
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Diving into the new JSX transform

With React 17, you no longer need to import React in your files to use React. Confused? This article will tell you what you...
1 2 min read

Real confidence with Cypress E2E tests

I hope this article gets you as fired up as I am about testing. Not because testing is cool, but because it’s extremely boring....
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Creating forms in React in 2020

This article will show you a few different ways to handle form values in React. We’ll look at useState, custom Hooks, and, finally, no...
9 5 min read

New media queries you need to know

This article will take you through some of the most interesting new media queries in this new specification, and show you how to use...
5 4 min read

A late adopter’s guide to TypeScript

Today, I’m full-on sold on TypeScript. I’m what you’d call a late adopter of these weird, yet wonderful type definitions people kept hassling me...
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How to do semantics the right way

This article will show you why semantics on the web is important, what kind of semantic elements are built into HTML, and how you...
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How to migrate from HOCs to Hooks

The future is here, and you’re loving every single second of writing your React code with Hooks. You’re all like “useThis” and “useThat” and...
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5 things you didn’t know about React DevTools

If you’re into React development, chances are you’ve tried the official React DevTools. This browser extension lets you debug your components, and is available...
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