James James

  James is a student software developer at Oppia Foundation.


6 Stories by James James

Using Cobra to build a CLI accounting app

Learn how to use the Cobra Go library by building a simple CLI accounting application that bills users, records receipts, and more.
0 8 min read

Structuring your Golang app: Flat structure vs. layered architecture

There are two primary ways you can structure your Go application: flat or layered. Let's explore the use cases for each here.
0 11 min read

Livewire vs. Inertia.js: Comparing Laravel frontends

In this guide, we'll compare Laravel's Livewire and Inertia.js frontend templates, and help you decide which to use in your next project.
0 6 min read

Custom events in JavaScript: A complete guide

Here, you can learn how to create custom events for your application in JavaScript to enhance the user experience.
1 8 min read

HTML 5 drag and drop API: A tutorial

Here, you can learn about the HTML 5 drag and drop API and how to build a simple Kanban board using Vue.js.
0 12 min read

Testing Vue components with Vue Testing Library

Cutting corners during the testing phase can lead to false confidence and, ultimately, a faulty app. Vue Testing Library helps you test your Vue...
2 5 min read