Emmanuel John

  I'm a full-stack software developer, mentor, and writer. I am an open source enthusiast. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sci-fi movies and cheering for Arsenal FC.


33 Stories by Emmanuel John

Pinia vs. Vuex: Which state management library is best for Vue?

Compare documentation, learning curves, and use cases for the Pinia and Vuex state management libraries for your next Vue.js project.
0 6 min read

Overriding dependencies in the Angular injector hierarchy

Angular requires a good understanding of how dependency injection works. Learn this practical approach to parent-to-child dependency injection.
0 4 min read

Handling side effects in an Angular + Redux application

Learn how you can manage side effects to the Redux state tree in an Angular framework with the @ngrx/effects library.
2 5 min read

How dependency injection works in Angular

Ease testing, overriding, and altering of services using dependency injection in Angular, a design pattern for requesting dependencies.
1 5 min read

Angular modules: Best practices for structuring your app

Walk through the process of building a well-structured Angular application that enforces separation of concerns and reusability using modules.
1 4 min read

Angular In-memory Web API tutorial: Mocking CRUD APIs in Angular

Learn how to use Angular's In-memory Web API to make a simple CRUD server and create a functional frontend without requiring backend assistance.
0 7 min read

TypeScript mixins: Examples and use cases

Circumvent class constraints in TypeScript by using mixins, special classes that contain a combination of methods that can be used by other classes.
0 3 min read

Common TypeScript module problems and how to solve them

Avoid common problems in build processes in TypeScript using the TypeScript compiler and module system.
0 3 min read

Organize code in TypeScript using modules

Using TypeScript modules helps structure your applications, increasing code reusability and testability, and improving the overall organization of your builds.
0 4 min read