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Understanding process mapping and how it works

For PMs, the main benefits lie in the process, no pun intended, of creating the visual map and the direct understanding that comes with...
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What are deliverables in agile and why do we have them?

Deliverables can often feel like an imposed requirement without purpose. So, if agile is such a popular way of working, why are deliverables still...
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What is change management? 5-step process and guide

Change management is the process of preparing for and executing a smooth transition or transformation at the organizational level.
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What is the 5 Ws (and 5W1H) framework?

In product development, telling a great story can help engage your stakeholders and customers. But the stories you tell about your product need to...
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How to use a product matrix for decision-making (template)

Decision-making is a critical part of the PM's job. Learn how product feature and product market matrices can help you visualize large quantities of...
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What is a cross-functional team and how do I build one?

There are three steps to maximizing the benefits of a cross-functional team: define the purpose, work out the skills you need, and set rules.
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What is the Jobs-to-be-Done framework? Examples and overview

The core principle of the Jobs-to-be-Done framework is as follows: to create a product or service that your customer wants, you need to understand...
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What are product features and how to define them (with examples)

Your product features — and how you manage and prioritize them — should be focused on the best way to solve your customers' problems.
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