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What is the 5 Ws (and 5W1H) framework?

In product development, telling a great story can help engage your stakeholders and customers. But the stories you tell about your product need to...
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How to use a product matrix for decision-making (template)

Decision-making is a critical part of the PM's job. Learn how product feature and product market matrices can help you visualize large quantities of...
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What is a cross-functional team and how to work with one

There are three steps to maximizing the benefits of a cross-functional team: define the purpose, work out the skills you need, and set rules.
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What is the Jobs-to-be-Done framework? Examples and overview

The core principle of the Jobs-to-be-Done framework is as follows: to create a product or service that your customer wants, you need to understand...
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What are product features and how to define them (with examples)

Your product features — and how you manage and prioritize them — should be focused on the best way to solve your customers' problems.
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