Sodeeq Elusoji

  Software developer, entrepreneur, table tennis player.


4 Stories by Sodeeq Elusoji

Deep dive into Laravel Livewire

Laravel Livewire's full stack-framework connects the backend and frontend by allowing real-time interactivity with minimal JavaScript.
1 8 min read

What’s new in Bablyon.js 4.2

This guide runs through the new updates you can expect in Babylon.js 4.2, which makes game rendering in JavaScript more efficient than ever before.
0 4 min read

Should you use Svelte in production?

If you're thinking of using Svelte in production, this tutorial outlines the reasons why the JavaScript framework can benefit you and highlights a couple...
4 3 min read

How to create a framework-agnostic JavaScript plugin

Learn how to build a JavaScript plugin that's completely dependency-free in this straightforward tutorial.
0 4 min read