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19 Stories by Ebenezer Don

React Reference Guide: Context API

Our guide to React's Context API, including when to use it, its API components, and its caveats.
3 3 min read

Building web apps with Rust using the Rocket framework

With web frameworks like Rocket, developers can use Rust to build fast and secure web applications with very little boilerplate code.
7 9 min read

Strongly typed frontend code with Scala.js

Dynamic typing, once considered an advantage, has become one of JavaScript's biggest weaknesses. This is where Scala.js can help.
9 9 min read

Speeding up your development environment with SQLite

Learn how SQLite can be used in development alongside other relational databases like Postgres.
0 5 min read

Rapid, enterprise-class development with UmiJS

UmiJS is a scalable, enterprise-class React framework that allows for rapid development of SSR apps. Learn the ropes in our tutorial.
0 5 min read

Building a sentiment analysis app with Node.js

Learn the ins and outs of natural language processing with Node.js by building a sentiment analysis app.
11 8 min read

GraphQL + React for noobs

Our tutorial walks you through bootstrapping a simple React app that consumes a GraphQL API.
2 6 min read