Diogo Spínola

  I'm a learning enthusiast, web engineer, and blogger who writes about programming stuff that draws my attention.


4 Stories by Diogo Spínola

Client render vs. server render vs. serverless

We explain both client and server render and demonstrate how to include a serverless framework that you can later deploy to your preferred cloud...
0 6 min read

Using feature flags with Unleash and Node.js

When used appropriately, feature flags can eliminate much of the stress associated with launching a new release of your application.
0 6 min read

Notifications, caching, and messages in a progressive web app (PWA)

With PWAs, you can request permission to display browser notifications, use the cache to make your website load faster, and more. Learn how to...
0 7 min read

How to build a progressive web app (PWA) with Node.js

Learn how to build a PWA that has offline functionality and complies with all the Google Lighthouse checks.
5 10 min read