Dillion Megida

  https://dillionmegida.com/ I'm a frontend engineer and technical writer based in Nigeria.


6 Stories by Dillion Megida

Comparing TypeScript and PropTypes in React applications

Understand what PropTypes and TypeScript are, consider their relevance in React applications, and discover how they can be used together.
0 5 min read

Uploading files using Node.js and Multer

With multer, you can upload single or multiple files in addition to text inputs to webpages using Node.js.
0 6 min read

5 CSS properties and values that are incompatible

How to solve five common incompatibilities between properties and values in CSS that slow down development.
0 7 min read

How to build a Markdown plugin for your Gatsby blog

Learn about Markdown, how to build a Markdown plugin, and how Gatsby enables users to hook into and format Markdown files.
0 7 min read

Self-hosted fonts vs. Google Fonts API

The use of fonts in web development plays an important role in how a web application is presented. Learn more about how to use...
0 4 min read

A deep dive into queues in Node.js

Check out this deep dive into queueing with Node.js and learn how to more effectively handle asynchronous operations.
3 6 min read