Bryan Rasmussen

  Nowadays, I typically focus on JavaScript-intensive projects, React frontend work, accessibility, Node.js backends, ElasticSearch, and automation. I'm also proficient in documentation and technical writing.


7 Stories by Bryan Rasmussen

Building an accessible glossary in vanilla JavaScript

Build a fully accessible glossary page in vanilla JS in this detailed tutorial in a way that makes accessibility a priority (and dev easy).
0 17 min read

Experimenting with the FullScreen API

Explore the FullScreen API's range of tools through extensible examples, and learn some helpful accessibility tips in this tutorial.
0 7 min read

Dynamism and CSS calculations

Using variables to control and change values for properties allows you to run calculations in CSS functions without issues.
0 11 min read

A guide to the min(), max(), and clamp() CSS functions

The min(), max(), and clamp() CSS functions can revolutionize web layouts, but they can also make CSS much more difficult to reason about.
0 16 min read

Create cooler loading animations with SVG

Don't settle for a tired spinner. Add some extra character to your site with a custom loading animation built with SVG.
0 7 min read

Animation tricks with SVG z-index

With SVG’s z-indexing and some properly timed animations, you can construct advanced effects that catch users' attention through simple markup patterns.
0 4 min read

Experiments in JavaScript tiling

When building a website, creating a distinctive visual identity is paramount. Learn how to use TactileJS to create stunning patterns for your website.
0 6 min read