Announcing support for Angular and ngrx

Today we’re excited to announce official support for Angular and ngrx in LogRocket. Using the new logrocket-ngrx npm package, ngrx developers can use all of LogRocket’s Redux logging features.

Angular developers who aren’t using ngrx can still take advantage of all other LogRocket features including console and error logging, network request/response logging, and session replay (DOM recording).

Getting Started

  1. Install with NPM: npm i --save logrocket logrocket-ngrx.

2. Create a free account at and take note of you application ID.

3. Initialize LogRocket in your app:

import LogRocket from 'logrocket';
// Initialize LogRocket with your app ID

4. Add the ngrx middleware:

import LogRocket from 'logrocket';
import createNgrxMiddleware from 'logrocket-ngrx';
const logrocketMiddleware = createNgrxMiddlware(LogRocket);
const productionReducer = compose(

That’s it- this is all you need to get started with LogRocket in Angular!

A LogRocket session showing network requests/responses, ngrx logs, and video

If you’d like to learn more about LogRocket, you can check out the links below. We’d also like to thank the developers who helped us test out our Angular and ngrx support and stuck with us despite a few gnarly bugs :)

Further Info

LogRocket is the JavaScript logging and replay tool that helps you fix bugs, faster. By capturing every log, network request and user session of your app, you can fix problems without back and forth.