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  Full-stack web developer learning new hacks one day at a time. Web technology enthusiast. Hacking stuffs @theflutterwave.


21 Stories by Glad Chinda

How to build a custom datepicker with React

Learn how to build a custom datepicker component in your React app using native JavaScript date objects.
0 16 min read

JavaScript typeof: Understanding type-checking in JavaScript

A very important aspect of every programming language is its type system and data types. For a strictly typed programming language like Java, variables...
0 6 min read

React Redux Connect tutorial: When and how to use it

React provides two major mechanisms for providing data to components, namely props and state. While props are read-only and allow a parent component to...
0 10 min read

Validating React component props with prop-types

Props are a very important mechanism for passing read-only attributes to React components. These attributes are usually required to be of certain types or...
2 8 min read

A complete guide to default props in React

Learn all you need to know about setting default props for different flavors of React components.
0 6 min read

A quick and complete guide to Mocha testing

Learn how to write and run tests for your JavaScript programs using Mocha Building software that is predictable, less error-prone and resilient to changes is...
4 18 min read

JavaScript ES6: 5 new abstractions to improve your code

Leverage powerful ES6 features to write better, elegant, and more predictable JavaScript. JavaScript is a very powerful programming language that runs on a wide...
0 22 min read

How to use React createRef

If you have been developing web applications long enough, then it is likely that at some point you have used JavaScript DOM libraries such...
2 9 min read

React Bootstrap tutorial

How to use Bootstrap with React With the increasing popularity of single-page applications over the last few years, so many frontend JavaScript frameworks have...
4 15 min read