Obinna Ekwuno
Dec 17, 2019 ⋅ 5 min read

Handling interprocess communications in Electron applications like a pro

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2 Replies to "Handling interprocess communications in Electron applications like a pro"

  1. Thanks for that, Obinna! I don’t have any experience with Electron development, yet I got interested in understanding that.

    One question: why would we need such communication? Do we have to access the main thread in order to interact with the O.S (e.g. perform OS-level tasks, like reading a file)?


  2. You have a typo in your post, instead of this:

    event.returnValueipcMain.on(‘sync-message’, (event, arg) => {
    event.returnValue = ‘Message Recieved!’

    It should be:

    ipcMain.on(‘sync-message’, (event, arg) => {
    event.returnValue = ‘Message Recieved!’

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