Popoola Temitope
Feb 9, 2022 ⋅ 6 min read

Debugging Go with VS Code

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4 Replies to "Debugging Go with VS Code"

  1. This is an absolutely incredible tutorial, it works with VSCode Devcontainer as well btw – I had a really hard time finding a proper tutorial but this one finally got it working. Thank you sir!

  2. Install -v githup.com/go-delve/cmd/dlv@latest
    I think here it needs to be
    go Install -v githup.com/go-delve/cmd/dlv@latest

  3. Couldn’t really easily follow the tutorial as it claimed. A number of the information was a little misleading, eg:
    1. Install Delve extension in VS Code is not correct, it is actually to perform Go Install on the delve package.
    2. the instruction on what one should see in the VS code didn’t match what I saw on my VS Code which was version 1.70.2, I needed to figure out how to get there.
    3. Setting up condition breakpoint should not include the curly brackets. BTW, why did you give an example that wouldn’t work ? The code was having variable “userinfos”, your example of conditional breakpoint used variable “user”

  4. Thank you, this was actually really helpful. Didn’t think that it would actually work since it’s a random post, but hey here we are.

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