Uju Ezeanyagu

  I am a Product Manager in the UK, and founder of enurture.co. Find me on Twitter @ujuezeanyagu


4 Stories by Uju Ezeanyagu

How to write a product status report (with template and examples)

Distributing product status reports helps you keep team members and stakeholders informed about the product’s progress and enables senior stakeholders to make data-driven decisions.
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What are project milestones and how do they evolve?

As a business grows, project milestones evolve. Larger companies are typically more ambitious, which impacts how milestones are defined and what significant progress is.
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How to create buyer personas (with templates and examples)

A buyer persona, sometimes called a customer or user persona, is a description of your target customer. It's designed to capture who the customer...
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Using story points for velocity estimation: Does this really work?

Product teams and leaders must recognize both the benefits and challenges that come with relying on story points for team velocity estimation.
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