Stanley Ulili I'm a freelance web developer and researcher from Malawi. I love learning new things, and writing helps me understand and solidify concepts. I hope by sharing my experience, others can learn something from them.


8 Stories by Stanley Ulili

Building a TypeScript CLI with Node.js and Commander

Learn how to use Commander with TypeScript to build powerful CLIs.
2 18 min read

Understanding CSS preload and other resource hints

Learn the difference between CSS preload and CSS prefetch, how to use CSS preconnect, and more about these important resource hints.
0 7 min read

Node.js child process: How to launch external programs

Learn how to use Node.js child_process modules to move CPU-bound and memory-intensive tasks off the main thread to improve app efficiency.
0 13 min read

Exploring competitive features in Node.js v18 and v19

Two new runtimes, Deno and Bun, have brought a lot of hype for the features they present over Node. Learn how Node stacks up...
2 6 min read

Exploring JSPyBridge, a new library for using Python in JavaScript

JSPyBridge lets you interoperate between Node.js and Python — access and use JS functions, packages, classes, and arrays in Python and vice versa.
0 12 min read

Intro to PyScript: Run Python in the browser

Learn how to deploy Python code in the browser using PyScript, a new library that builds of Pyodide and ports CPython to Wasm.
1 22 min read

Node.js vs. Python: How to choose the best technology to develop your backend

Compare Node.js and Python to see the scenarios where one would be better than the other so that you make the best choice for...
4 10 min read

Understanding type annotation in Python

In this extensive post with specific examples, learn how to use Python type annotation to your advantage using the mypy library.
0 19 min read