Samuel Olusola

  Software engineer (JS stack, GoLang incoming…) and student of computer science at the University of Lagos.


5 Stories by Samuel Olusola

Understanding the dependency inversion principle in TypeScript

In this article, we will take a deep dive into understanding the dependency inversion principle in TypeScript.
5 8 min read

How to use DataLoader with NestJS

Speed up data loading in your NestJS apps with DataLoader, a generic utility with an API that provides batching and caching functionality.
0 8 min read

How to avoid circular dependencies in NestJS

Learn about the issues caused by circular dependencies in Nestjs, including how to avoid or work around them, in this complete guide.
2 6 min read

Server-sent events vs. WebSockets

Understand the difference between server-sent events and WebSockets in order to decide which is best for your individual use case.
0 3 min read

How to use EJS to template your Node.js application

Template your Node.js apps with EJS, a simple and powerful templating engine that generates HTML markup from JavaScript quickly and easily.
7 9 min read