Samuel Martins

  I am a full-stack developer who loves sharing the knowledge accumulated over the years with people. The different technologies that I have encountered through my journey allows me to relate to beginners and seniors alike. I write about all things tech.


7 Stories by Samuel Martins

Understanding grid-template-columns in CSS

The grid-template-columns property is just a small part of the CSS Grid. To understand this property, you first need to have an understanding of...
0 5 min read

How to add dynamic colors with CSS

You don't need JavaScript to make your CSS colors dynamic. You need only take advantage of dynamic colors.
3 4 min read

Using Vim for Go development

Configure your Vim editor as an IDE for programming with Go using to avoid adding any heavy customization.
0 3 min read

Build a random password generator in Node.js

Build your own command line Node.js password generator that will generate a random password of a specified length and character composition.
0 5 min read

Build a video streaming server with Node.js

Easily handle videos in your application by building a video streaming server in Node.js from scratch.
9 5 min read

Build an Android application with Kivy Python framework

If you’re interested in Python mobile development, Kivy is your best bet. Build a random number generator app that you can install on your...
0 13 min read

Improve Python performance using Cython

Cython is both a module and a language Pythoneers use to speed up their code. See how Cython code compares to Python in terms...
0 7 min read