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4 Stories by Paweł Karniej

React Native datepickers: Choosing the right one for your app

When selecting a datepicker for your React Native app, choose packages that are actively maintained and include components that provide a native look and...
0 2 min read

Common bugs in React Native ScrollView and how to fix them

React Native's ScrollView component is ubiquitous — but so are implementation mistakes. Learn what to look out for.
8 4 min read

Designing a UI with custom theming using react-native-paper

If you're a developer with little (or no) design skills, using a component library like react-native-paper is the best choice to design a decent-looking...
1 7 min read

How to make Tinder-like card animations with React Native

Learn how to recreate Tinder's original swiping mechanisms with React Native.
3 5 min read