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How to build accessible components for Vue

Web accessibility is the practice of utilizing tools and technologies that make navigating, interacting with, and understanding a website easier for visitors who may...
0 5 min read

How and why to use attribute selectors in CSS

Using CSS attribute selectors, we can add extra information and CSS styling to a given HTML element. In this article, we review the available...
0 5 min read

How to configure worker plugins in Vite 2.8

With Vite, you can save your code and see the changes reflected on the browser very quickly since Vite only serves and changes source...
0 3 min read

TypeORM: Object-relational mapping with Node.js

Explore creating ORMs in JavaScript, learn about TypeORM, an important JavaScript ORM, and finally build a Node.js and TypeScript application using TypeORM.
1 4 min read

Define properties with Vue Property Decorator and TypeScript

Support TypeScript in Vue class-based components by defining properties directly on the class in Vue components using Vue Class Component and Vue Property Decorator.
3 4 min read

Getting started with React SyntheticEvent

Take a detailed look at React SyntheticEvent by comparing it to plain JavaScript events and running through a few examples.
0 6 min read