Ochuko Onojakpor

  https://github.com/Chukslord1 Ochuko is a full-stack Python/React software developer and freelance Technical Writer. He spends his free time contributing to open source and tutoring students on programming in collaboration with Google DSC.


6 Stories by Ochuko Onojakpor

Daml vs. Solidity: How to choose a smart contract language

Let’s take a look at Daml vs. Solidity to help you decide which one might be a better fit for your specific needs.
0 9 min read

Best practices for Web3 providers

Learn about the blockchain's Web3 best practices, benefits, and use cases for Web3 providers developing on the blockchain.
0 5 min read

A Python developer’s guide to React

Learn how to use React as a Python developer with this guide and by creating a contact manager application with Flask and React.
2 13 min read

Using React useState with an object

Learn how to use useState when working with objects by creating a temporary object and using object destructuring to create a new object.
1 2 min read

Intro to Python dictionaries

Learn about Python dictionaries, their properties, operations you can perform, and built-in Python functions and methods.
0 9 min read

Using Plotly in React to build dynamic charts and graphs

Learn how to build and display dynamic and customizable graphs in your React applications with Plotly, a data visualization framework.
0 5 min read