Nicole Somerstein

  Content marketing associate @ LogRocket. Pseudo-PM. Lover of tech, food, volleyball, and the city of Boston.


5 Stories by Nicole Somerstein

What are the 5 scrum values?

The five scrum values give direction to the scrum team around how they go about their work and interact with their teammates.
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Airbnb ‘eliminated’ the traditional PM role. Now what?

We asked a few product leaders to share their thoughts about Airbnb's announcement about their product restructure and what it means for the PM...
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What is issue management and how to implement it

Without issue management, your organization will have a tough time mitigating risks — both big and small — as well as managing necessary changes.
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Product management: A definitive guide

Product management is the process of overseeing and guiding the development, launch, and growth of products, ensuring that they align with user needs and...
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The 5 scrum ceremonies explained

Scrum ceremonies are a series of structured events that provide a foundation for effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making among team members.
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