Leomaris Reyes Iā€™m Leomaris Reyes, Microsoft MVP, Master Coach at Platzi, and software engineer from the Dominican Republic with more than six years of experience in software development. Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer. Founder of Stemelle. I really love learning new things! šŸ’ššŸ’•

Stories by Leomaris Reyes

Using Xamarin Essentials To Manage Phone Calls And SMS

Using Xamarin.Essentials to manage phone calls and SMS


See how Xamarin.Essentials sets up users to create phone calls and SMS interactions directly within your app.

Leomaris Reyes
Jun 14, 2021 ā‹… 3 min read
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Getting started with CollectionView in Xamarin.Forms


Want to learn more about Xamarin? Check out how to get started with CollectionView in Xamarin Forms with this short tutorial.

Leomaris Reyes
Apr 5, 2021 ā‹… 3 min read