Iva Kop

  https://blog.whereisthemouse.com I am a self-taught software developer passionate about frontend development and architecture.


6 Stories by Iva Kop

A guide to choosing the right React state management solution

React state management comes with challenges developers should be prepared to overcome. Learn the best approach, tool, and pattern to do so.
1 13 min read

How to detect dead code in a frontend project

Explore different approaches to detect dead code in your frontend project that can be used interchangeably and in combination.
3 5 min read

UI best practices for loading, error, and empty states in React

Here, we cover the best practices to use in client-side rendered React apps when handling loading, error, and empty state.
1 7 min read

Build a robust React app with Husky pre-commit hooks and GitHub Actions

Building robust React projects may seem complex at first, but this guide will explain how you can do so with Husky hooks and GitHub...
1 5 min read

Choosing when to build a custom React component library

Building a React component library impacts your entire project. Learn the benefits, trade-offs, and approaches to customizing one.
0 6 min read

Simplify GraphQL requests with React Query, GraphQL Code Generator, and TypeScript

Take advantage of GraphQL on the frontend by automating the creation of TypeScript types and the generation of custom React Query hooks using GraphQL...
2 3 min read