Harish Natarahjan

  Harish brings 18+ years of product, strategy and technology expertise, delivering solutions in mission-critical environments in public safety, discrete manufacturing, and insurance verticals.


6 Stories by Harish Natarahjan

What is product differentiation? Definition, strategies, and examples

In this guide, we’ll go over what product differentiation means and review strategies to help your product stand out from your competitors in the...
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What is a go-to-market strategy? Guide with examples

Creating a go-to-market strategy is more art than science. However, it is crucial to start with a hypothesis, do it early, and make it...
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Why a product adoption strategy is crucial in B2B scenarios

A sound product strategy must include an adoption strategy that considers the end-to-end business processes clients currently use to manage their jobs.
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How to communicate your product strategy using data

Product managers often struggle to communicate product strategy. See some tips for gaining buy-in from top leadership.
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How to build a product roadmap that everyone buys into

It's the product manager's responsibility to build and manage a live product roadmap that is fluid and resilient. Discover how to gain buy-in from...
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What is a product vision statement? Overview with examples

There is more art than science to creating a product vision statement. Check out some examples of product vision statements that drive the development...
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