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8 Stories by Faraz Kelhini

Axios vs. fetch(): Which is best for making HTTP requests?

Axios is not always an ideal solution; there are sometimes better options for making HTTP requests.
20 6 min read

Best practices for using trailing commas in JavaScript

Review trailing comma best practices in JavaScript, and refresh your knowledge of how they've changed with recent ECMAScript updates.
2 6 min read

How to make HTTP requests with Axios

There's a good reason Axios is so popular among developers: it's packed with useful features.
5 9 min read

6 cutting-edge JavaScript features you can use today

Check out these 6 new JavaScript features intended to help you write code that's more efficient and less error-prone.
0 5 min read

Error-free property chaining with ES2020 optional chaining operator

Want to write safer, more concise code? Check out the optional chaining operator in ES2020.
0 5 min read

What is globalThis, and why should you start using it?

The globalThis proposal aims to consolidate the increasingly fragmented ways of accessing the global object in JavaScript.
1 5 min read

5 ES2019 features you can use today

We take a close look at five ES2019 features you can start using right now.
2 5 min read

Understanding Shadow DOM v1

The shadow DOM is not a villain from a superhero movie. It’s not the dark side of the DOM, either. The shadow DOM is...
0 13 min read