Emmanuel Akhigbe

  Full-stack web developer and designer. I love learning and writing code to solve problems. Find me on Twitter @theoscoder.


4 Stories by Emmanuel Akhigbe

Getting started with lit-html and LitElement

Discover lit-html, a templating library for JavaScript that saves developers time by allowing them to reuse the markup.
0 5 min read

Building an ecommerce storefront with Storefront UI and Tailwind CSS

Explore Storefront UI, its components, how to set it up, and how to use Tailwind CSS to customize a demo storefront.
0 8 min read

Scalable state management with Vuex and Nuxt.js

This short overview covers the various ways you can structure different-sized applications using Vuex and Nuxt.js.
0 6 min read

Creating transitions in your Vue app with Vue Router

Learn how to create a slide fade transition, a fade transition, and a custom transition in your Vue app using Vue router.
3 3 min read