Emanuel Suriano

  https://emasuriano.com/ Hi 👋 I build stuff with JavaScript 💻 Once a month I write an article ✍️ and sometimes I give talks 💬


5 Stories by Emanuel Suriano

Building a multi-framework dashboard with Astro

Astro lets you implement multiple frameworks in one project, providing many performance and UX/DX benefits. Learn how to integrate them here!
2 17 min read

Understanding Astro islands architecture

Learn about Astro islands, how they enhance our websites, and how you can combine different UI libraries into a single project.
1 5 min read

React Native end-to-end testing with Detox

Implement the end-to-end testing framework Detox in a React Native application, write several interaction tests, and integrate Detox into your development workflow.
2 9 min read

Dynamic type validation in TypeScript

Most people think that by using TypeScript as their application language, they are "covered" from any emptiness error, but this assumption is wrong.
3 9 min read

Docker for frontend developers

If you're a FED who's struggled with containers, worry not — we review Docker's core concepts.
0 5 min read