Emanuel Suriano

  https://emasuriano.com/ Hi 👋 I build stuff with JavaScript 💻 Once a month I write an article ✍️ and sometimes I give talks 💬


7 Stories by Emanuel Suriano

React Native end-to-end testing with Detox

Use the Detox framework to implement end-to-end tests in React Native applications, optimize Detox tests for large-scale applications, and troubleshoot common issues.
2 14 min read

Hybrid rendering in Astro: A step-by-step guide

Learn how to make the best of both worlds work for you, using hybrid rendering and combining the powers of SSR and SSG in...
0 15 min read

Efficiently manage large files in Git with Git LFS

Boost your app's efficiency with Git LFS, the large file storage hub you can link with your app in GitHub.
0 12 min read

Building a multi-framework dashboard with Astro

Astro lets you implement multiple frameworks in one project, providing many performance and UX/DX benefits. Learn how to integrate them here!
2 17 min read

Understanding Astro islands architecture

Learn about Astro islands, how they enhance our websites, and how you can combine different UI libraries into a single project.
1 5 min read

Dynamic type validation in TypeScript

Most people think that by using TypeScript as their application language, they are "covered" from any emptiness error, but this assumption is wrong.
3 9 min read

Docker for frontend developers

If you're a FED who's struggled with containers, worry not — we review Docker's core concepts.
0 5 min read