Elizabeth Amaechi

  https://twitter.com/AmaechiElizabe3 Web developer and technical writer.


4 Stories by Elizabeth Amaechi

Getting started with React Cosmos

Not sure where to begin with React Cosmos? This guide will teach you how to develop React components in isolation.
2 4 min read

Real-time data transfer with Socket.io

Learn the basics of socket.io, a useful tool for implementing real-time data transfer in any web application that might require it.
1 4 min read

Using GSAP 3 for web animation

GSAP is a great choice for web animation library for those who prioritize speed, flexibility, and control.
0 6 min read

Immer and Immutable.js: How do they compare?

This guide breaks down the pros and cons of Immer and Immutable.js—two libraries that help you implement immutability in your JavaScript code.
1 4 min read