David Herbert

  https://github.com/DaveyHert David is a frontend developer by day and a technical writer by night who enjoys breaking down complex topics into comprehensible bits, digestible even by five-year-olds.


4 Stories by David Herbert

CSS ::before and ::after for custom animations and transitions

Learn how to create gorgeous custom animations and transitions using CSS ::before and ::after pseudo-elements, box shadows, and more.
11 11 min read

Build an image carousel from scratch with vanilla JavaScript

In this tutorial, learn how to build a functional carousel that displays all your content when you have limited space using HTML, CSS, and...
5 6 min read

Understanding routes and route nesting in Remix

Learn about Remix's new, easy, and powerful routing methods that provide you increased functionality and consistency with no extra hassle.
3 7 min read

A better way of solving prop drilling in React apps

In the spirit of "using the platform," learn how the React library provides a workaround for prop drilling without Redux or the Context API....
13 11 min read