Chak Shun Yu A software engineer with a current focus on frontend and React, located in the Netherlands.


5 Stories by Chak Shun Yu

A guide to streaming SSR with React 18

A lot has changed with streaming SSR in React since React 18 was introduced. Learn about the new components, APIs, and more in this...
0 8 min read

Ladle vs. Storybook: Measuring performance across project sizes

This experiment compares the performance of Ladle and Storybook, combining metrics used in previous benchmarks from both competitors.
0 7 min read

8 common React error messages and how to address them

In this tutorial, we’ll go over common error messages during React development, as well as what they mean, what the error is, and how...
1 10 min read

Exploring React 18’s three new APIs

With the release of React 18 on the horizon, familiarize yourself with three new APIs that should help make concurrent rendering a reality.
0 7 min read

How to write more readable React code

It's always a good time to improve the readability of your React code. Get thinking with this detailed list of tips and tricks.
1 8 min read