Caleb Mathew

  I'm an engineer (currently @Kudi) with over seven years of experience in building software that humans enjoy using. I can be caught playing kickball, watching anime, and listening to hip-hop.


4 Stories by Caleb Mathew

Using Docker containers to beat flaky tests

With Docker containers and test isolation, we greatly reduce the chances of encountering flaky tests in our applications.
0 6 min read

Improve Node.js app performance with TypeDI and the strategy pattern

In this article, we will build an API service to explore injectable Node.js caching with TypeDI and the strategy pattern.
0 7 min read

Improve async network state handling with custom React Hooks

Follow this guide to see the various states in which network requests exist and how to keep request management within custom React Hooks.
0 6 min read

Building multi-step wizards with Formik and React Query

Learn how to build multi-step wizards in a small proof-of-concept application with Formik and React Query right here.
0 15 min read