Fernando Doglio

  Technical Manager @Globant. Author of books and maker of software things. https://www.fdoglio.com/


12 Stories by Fernando Doglio

How to write your own search engine using Node.js and Elastic

Learn how to build a very powerful search feature which you can easily integrate into your web app.
2 8 min read

JS Promises: race vs all vs allSettled

Now that promises are a native construct, there is no excuse to ignore them anymore.
1 7 min read

The 7 best JavaScript date libraries

Adding working dates to your application isn't easy. Here are the libraries that can help.
0 9 min read

3 ways to use ES6 proxies to enhance your objects

In this article, we will cover three things you can do with proxies that will enhance your objects.
0 8 min read

Design patterns in Node.js: a practical guide

Learn more about design patterns you can start using in your code right now.
0 10 min read

Experimental Node.js: Testing the new performance hooks

Performance monitoring is a very important topic for any application that expects to be deployed into a production environment. Performance monitoring is not something...
0 10 min read

Pro Node.js tips

Starting with a new programming language can be a daunting task. In the case of Node.js, it can be difficult even if you come...
0 16 min read

How to secure a REST API using JWT

REST APIs are great because they are logically simple, they don’t keep complex states in memory, they deal with resources (instead of dealing with...
0 6 min read

Why are we getting Streams in Redis?

A while ago, Redis released it’s newest version, and with it, they announced a brand new data type available called Streams. Now if you...
0 9 min read

The latest npm breach …or is it?

TL;DR: Some dude gave away his popular Node.js repo to a hacker, and that hacker added code to it that can steal your bitcoin...
0 7 min read

The Git workflow you need: How to deal with multiple teams in a single repository

Stop me if you’ve lived it before: you’re either a part of, or are currently managing a big team of developers, they don’t all...
0 9 min read

The importance of standards in development teams

Very few people like to be told what to do. Even fewer people like having the freedom to choose what to do but zero...
0 10 min read