LogRocket React Meetup: React testing overview

Join us on Feb 17th at 2 p.m. EDT for a deep dive on testing in React. The important thing about testing is that it can greatly improve your project and your ability to make changes to your applications. Testing documents features and behavior, but also ensures that new things you do won’t break the old system. In this meetup we’ll cover five different types of tests:

  • `unit tests’, these are what tests the code itself without data
  • integration tests, these test code as it interacts with an external service or even a different part of the same project
  • regression tests, these are tests that verify that some change you are making does not break the existing system
  • end to end (e22) tests, these are full tests of a project (both front and back end)
  • production tests, trying out LogRocket for ensuring features work exactly as expected once in the wild


Andrew Evans
Andrew is a manager at CapTech Consulting, and has over 10 years of industry experience. He loves all things technical, and writes on what he learns. You can follow him on rhythmandbinary.com and andrewevans.dev. He also writes for several other publications, and frequently works on open source projects.

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Feb 17th | 2p.m. EDT

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