Yvens Rebouças Serpa

  https://dagongraphics.com/ I am a Brazilian Nordestino in the Netherlands working as a Game Dev & Design teacher. I am always creating Art & Games. I also write about Games Dev & Design.


4 Stories by Yvens Rebouças Serpa

Making procedural noise in Unity

There are two approaches to using procedural noises in Unity. Let's explore both and how they can achieve different results and outcomes.
0 14 min read

Create an easy, reliable, and clean UI in Unity

Here's what Unity offers for UI elements, how to develop an interface structure, and how to use free assets and tools to enhance visual...
0 14 min read

Easy environment design with Unity Terrain features

Unity Terrain is a powerful and versatile tool for level and environmental designing. Let's explore how to use it to mold and modify terrains.
0 14 min read

Fast prototyping in Unity: Scriptable objects

In this article, we're going to be exploring fast prototyping in Unity and how you can use scriptable objects effectively in your game development.
0 9 min read