Rafael Quintanilha

  https://rafaelquintanilha.com/ Rafael Quintanilha is a frontend engineer focused on developing intuitive and accessible interfaces with React. You can read Rafael's articles on rafaelquintanilha.com — a blog where he talks about technology, web development, mathematics, and whatever comes to his mind.


3 Stories by Rafael Quintanilha

The post-Hooks guide to React call order

Writing Hooks requires a shift in mindset from writing traditional class-based components. Start by learning the React call order post-Hooks.
0 7 min read

Fixing Gatsby’s rehydration issue

This tutorial shows you how to avoid running into problems in Gatsby when using server side rendering by overcoming the rehydration issue.
0 5 min read

Semantic tests with React Testing Library

This tutorial shows you how to use the React Testing Library API to write better tests for you and your team.
0 6 min read