Rafael Quintanilha

  https://rafaelquintanilha.com/ Rafael Quintanilha is a frontend engineer focused on developing intuitive and accessible interfaces with React. You can read Rafael's articles on rafaelquintanilha.com, a blog where he talks about technology, web development, mathematics, and whatever comes to his mind.


5 Stories by Rafael Quintanilha

How to incrementally migrate a Gatsby app to TypeScript

Migrating to TypeScript can be a painful process, but doing so incrementally can make it easier - learn how in this complete guide.
0 6 min read

Converting Jupyter Notebooks into blog posts with Gatsby

You can convert Jupyter Notebooks into HTML documents to easily host and share on the web. See how to automate the process with Gatsby.
0 5 min read

The post-Hooks guide to React call order

Writing Hooks requires a shift in mindset from writing traditional class-based components. Start by learning the React call order post-Hooks.
3 7 min read

Fixing Gatsby’s rehydration issue

This tutorial shows you how to avoid running into problems in Gatsby when using server side rendering by overcoming the rehydration issue.
0 6 min read

Semantic tests with react-testing-library

This tutorial shows you how to use the React Testing Library API to write better tests for you and your team.
1 6 min read