Mohit Khare I'm a developer soul and a freelance writer from India who loves building and breaking stuff. Let's build something together!


4 Stories by Mohit Khare

Visualizing data in Golang with go-echarts

Learn how to set up and install the go-echarts package, then build different charts like a bar chart, line chart, pie chart, and a...
0 4 min read

Dynamic routing using Vue Router

With dynamic routing, we can send dynamic data through our routes, simplifying long, indecipherable URLs and classifying webpages into nested hierarchies.
0 4 min read

Using WebSockets in Golang

Explore how WebSockets can improve your Go application by enabling real-time communication using full-duplex communication channels.
1 4 min read

Configuring JSON for Go

Learn to use JSON, a popular notation for storing and transferring data, with the Go language by following a simple and applicable example.
0 3 min read