Mike Flanagan

  Content manager at LogRocket.


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Leader Spotlight: Assembling your PLG army with Partho Ghosh

Partho Ghosh, VP of product at SecurityScorecard, talks about how the growth PM role has evolved and the ever-closing gap between growth and core...
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Leader Spotlight: Prioritizing customer discovery with Susan Stavitzski

In this interview, we chatted with Susan Stavitzski, senior product manager at CarMax. She discusses her career journey and how she does customer discovery.
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What is product operations (aka product ops)? Benefits, responsibilities

Product ops helps to scale the product team, improves feature adoption, and accelerates feedback loops between product, engineering, and customer success teams.
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LogRocket Interviews: Is scoping more trouble than it’s worth?

Whether your organization errs on the side of detailed scoping or takes a more agile, plan-as-you-go approach, communication at all levels is paramount for...
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