Michal Zalecki

  https://michalzalecki.com/ Senior Engineer at @Tooploox 💎, smart contracts, fan of hackathons, React Wrocław meetup organizer.


3 Stories by Michal Zalecki

Pattern matching and type safety in TypeScript

Although TypeScript doesn’t have native pattern matching, its community has created several pattern matching libraries that offer more expressive and concise ways to perform...
0 8 min read

How to use static code analysis to write quality JavaScript/TypeScript

Static code analysis is a process of inspecting the source code to get some insights without actually running it. Learn more here.
0 8 min read

Caching headers: A practical guide for frontend developers

Learn how to cache JavaScript, CSS, fonts and image files for a single-page application and prevent caching HTML files and service workers.
3 8 min read