Melike Ceren Inan Toygar

  Melike is a product manager with 6+ years of experience who has worked at various startups and scaleups. She built digital products and experiences in different industries like travel, micromobility, and B2B marketplaces. She is currently living in Dublin and working at a property portal. You can follow her on LinkedIn.


3 Stories by Melike Ceren Inan Toygar

How to design a chatbot customers will actually use

Chatbots can be a useful tool for your customers if implemented correctly. Here are some best practices you can follow.
0 7 min read

Creating a frictionless user onboarding experience

Let’s take a look at a few easy steps you can follow to build frictionless user onboarding via Asana’s best practices.
0 4 min read

Using contextual inquiry in UX research

If you want to know how your product fits into your users' day-to-day lives, using contextual inquiry in UX research is key.
0 5 min read