Manish Shivanandhan

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4 Stories by Manish Shivanandhan

Comparing Elixir with Rust and Go

In the battle of system programming languages, Elixir, Rust, and Go stand out as the top three options for developers. In this article, we...
3 5 min read

Building a simple guessing game with Rust Rhai

Learn how to use Rhai, a simple embedded scripting language for Rust, to build a guessing game.
0 7 min read

A guide to mocking in Rust using Mockall

Take a deep dive into mocking Rust and learn how mocking differs from general unit testing and how to implement mocking using the Mockall...
0 5 min read

A deep dive into Rust iterators and closures

In this article, we will look at the intermediate Rust concepts of iterators and closures in detail to go through values in a list.
1 5 min read