Kaleb McKelvey

  I'm a frequent traveler, too-much-coffee drinker, and constant Reddit lurker. Since Diablo 1 piqued my interest in learning how to program, I've been on a mission to continuously grow through my career and personal experiences as a software engineer. I hope to share things I learn with the world!


3 Stories by Kaleb McKelvey

Investigating the JavaScript pipe operator proposal

In this article, we’ll investigate the JavaScript pipe operator and cover the multiple ways to execute concurrent operations.
0 4 min read

Why mentorship in tech is important

Mentoring boils down to helping, guiding, and inspiring others in your areas of expertise, and it's vital in the tech industry. Here's why.
1 5 min read

Handling conflict on a software engineering team

Even though being a software engineer is great, the job isn't immune to conflict. Here are some tips on handling conflict when it crops...
0 6 min read