Joshua Cooper

  I'm a full-stack web developer with a passion for well-written and efficient code. On the frontend I use TypeScript with React, and on the backend I use Rust or Node.js with TypeScript.


5 Stories by Joshua Cooper

Asynchronous I/O and async/await packages in Rust

Despite some concerns around runtime compatibility, async Rust is in a great place. Tokio and async-std are both general-purpose async runtimes that provide async...
0 7 min read

Email crates for Rust: lettre and imap

Overall, Rust's email support isn't outstanding — yet. But the Rust ecosystem is solid and the email story should improve over time.
0 6 min read

JSON and Rust: Why serde_json is the top choice

To put it simply, JSON support shouldn't be a concern for any Rust developer. It's very much production-ready and arguably best in class compared...
0 6 min read

Top 3 templating libraries for Rust

Rust has plenty of good templating crates, including some that are stable and ready for production use. In this guide, we'll compare a few...
1 6 min read

How to create a GraphQL server in Rust

Rust is a great option for building reliable and performant web backends in general, and its powerful macro support makes working with GraphQL an...
0 6 min read