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19 Stories by Dylan Tientcheu

Getting started with Frontity

This post shows you how to use Frontity, an open source React framework for WordPress, to connect WordPress's REST API to your React app.
1 4 min read

Should you support Internet Explorer?

Why has Internet Explorer become so unpopular? Check out this post to find out.
2 4 min read

Which UI libraries support dark mode?

This post lists several UIs that support dark mode out of the box to make developers' lives easier when they're looking to improve user...
0 3 min read

Comparing developer experience for cross-platform frameworks

This post compares React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic, and NativeScript based on setup, documentation, hot reloading, and debugging.
0 9 min read

Responding to browser state changes with Tornis

This post shows you how to track browser state — specifically, mouse velocity — using Tornis and Vue.js.
0 5 min read

Top Storybook addons to take your code to the next level

This post walks you through some of the top Storybook addons — a growing part of the Storybook ecosystem that gives you a much...
0 4 min read

Interactive Vue animations with Kinesis

This tutorial shows you how to create interactive Vue animations using Vue Kinesis, a set of components designed to help you give your web...
0 5 min read