Craig Buckler

  Freelance UK IT consultant specializing in HTML5 webby stuff.


4 Stories by Craig Buckler

How to use web fonts in CSS

Everything you need to know about using web fonts in CSS, including how to use variable fonts, and web fronts from a font repository.
0 10 min read

Jank-free page loading with media aspect ratios

The CSS aspect-ratio property may gradually resolve the problem of janky page loading and text being moved by reflowing pages as browsers evolve.
3 7 min read

How to improve social engagement with the Web Share API

In this tutorial, we will cover why social media buttons could be harming your website, alternative social media engagement options, and more about the...
0 7 min read

What’s new in Chrome 78

Few users will notice changes from the stable release (coming in late October) but there are some exciting new features for web developers.
1 5 min read