Chris Kernaghan Chris Kernaghan is a Lead UX Designer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He began his career working with a respected design agency after graduating from the University of Ulster. After working as Lead UX Designer with several startups in Belfast, he now works on a consultancy basis. You can follow Chris at


3 Stories by Chris Kernaghan

Using component properties in Figma

Here's a short guide to getting started with and using component properties in Figma, so you can begin experimenting yourself.
0 9 min read

Making clear website navigation menus for better UX

Clear website navigation is crucial to the success of any website, and good website navigation helps users achieve goals.
0 12 min read

The best tools to create effective toggle buttons

Explore what a toggle button is, learn when to use a toggle button, and find the tools that help you create effective toggles.
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