Chris Kernaghan Chris Kernaghan is a Lead UX Designer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He began his career working with a respected design agency after graduating from the University of Ulster. After working as Lead UX Designer with several startups in Belfast, he now works on a consultancy basis. You can follow Chris at


6 Stories by Chris Kernaghan

Applying negative space in web design

Negative space is the area around and between design elements. Here's how to use it to great effect in web design.
0 9 min read

Faceted filtering for better ecommerce experiences

Used correctly, faceted filtering far outweighs any perceived issues around complexity and interaction cost.
0 7 min read

Building an intentional iterative UX design process

Many design teams have moved to a more agile viewpoint known as an intentional iterative design process. Here's how to build one yourself.
0 12 min read

Using component properties in Figma

Here's a short guide to getting started with and using component properties in Figma, so you can begin experimenting yourself.
0 9 min read

Making clear website navigation menus for better UX

Clear website navigation is crucial to the success of any website, and good website navigation helps users achieve goals.
0 12 min read

The best tools to create effective toggle buttons

Explore what a toggle button is, learn when to use a toggle button, and find the tools that help you create effective toggles.
0 11 min read