Adam Giese

  Software Engineer at Under Armour: Connected Fitness. I love to learn and teach all things web dev.


4 Stories by Adam Giese

Colors in CSS: The present and future

We preview the new color models making their way to CSS and take another look at old friends RGB and HSL.
0 6 min read

Beyond cookies: Today’s options for client-side data storage

Are cookies dead? Despite all the new options for client-side data storage, they're not done just yet.
1 6 min read

How to manipulate CSS colors with JavaScript

Color models 101 I know you’re here to learn about manipulating colors  —  and we’ll get there. But before we do, we need a baseline...
0 5 min read

Writing for readability with declarative arrays

In the last few years, JavaScript has gone through some major changes. The wider adoption of ES6 and the rise of modern frameworks such...
0 4 min read