LogRocket React meetup: Building an application with React and Nx

Join us on June 29th at 2pm EDT to learn how to create an application with React and Nx, a build framework that allows you to build monorepos and scaffold full applications in place. In this Meetup, you will learn:

  • Nx workspace: How to set one up, as well as creating an API to use alongside it
  • Scaffolding the app: Assessing the building blocks of the app
  • Calling your API: Adding a feature that shows the CLI in action
  • Testing with Cypress: How to test with Cypress, which is built in when the app is scaffolded
  • Additional Nx features: The Nx CLI has many features beyond what we’ve covered so far!


Andrew Evans
Husband, engineer, FOSS contributor, and frontend developer at AWS. Follow him at rhythmandbinary.com and andrewevans.dev.

Sign up for the React meetup:

June 29th at 2 p.m. EDT

Recording to be sent afterwards